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Product News

22Moo Intros iPhone 3.0 Game Controller

22Moo announced the release of the GameBone Pro on Tuesday. The GameBone Pro is an iPhone OS 3.0 compatible game controller that features an 8-way D-pad with 6 buttons.

The GameBone Pro incorporates a 2000mAh battery and supports both Bluetooth and Apple's 30-pin dock connector connectivity. The device also features built-in speakers, a mic and a 3.5 audio headphone jack. Developers who wish to add GameBone Pro support in their iPhone SDK applications are able to register their interest by visiting 22Moo's Web site.

Currently 22Moo has not set a price for the GameBone Pro but instead has asked all potential GameBone Pro owners to recommend a price that would represent a good value for the money and instantly entice them to purchasethe GameBone Pro upon its release in mid September 2009. Developers who wish to add GameBone Pro support in their iPhone SDK applications are able to register their interest by visiting 22Moo's Web site.

22Moo also announced the immediate availability of the Argo MPA and Argo DVD/TV LTD "Made for iPod" iPhone 3.0 compatible video eyewear and S100 mono / stereo convertible Bluetooth headset. Both can be purchased at 22Moo's Web site.





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Nookster said:

Not hugely convinced by this as it stands. Sounds like they dreamt up feature spec without thinking about how you actually use it, like where your going to have the screen when your holding the pad, hence the add on ‘“I” stand as a workaround.

If we could just dock it, then we wouldn’t need BT, a cable, or possibly even a battery, but would like that plug play and charge capability though. I have in my head something along the lines of a slimmed down Dreamcast pad, the phone/pod could slot in and rotate in the middle, charging toggle.

The mockup looks like a blend of a Megadrive d-pad, SNES face buttons, and PSOne shoulder buttons, no analogue sticks means third person efforts like RE: Regeneration and Terminator salvation could end up being more awkward to play.

Price I’d pay? As it stands, not very much unless there’s some form of analogue control - assuming it’s even possible to do for a reasonable price), BT and built in speakers already doesn’t exactly scream affordable enough for an impulse buy.


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