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AT&T Claims 2.5 Million iPhone Subscribers—Hints at 3G iPhone

AT&T Inc Chief Financial Officer Rick Lindner told attendees at a technology summit that his company currently has more than 2.5 million iPhone subscribers, who are shelling out almost US$100 per month in fees. Perhaps more interestingly, he explicitly said that he had seen a picture of the as-yet-unannounced iPhone, and offered other comments that can only be interpreted as "it’s coming."

"There’s not been a product announcement," he said at the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit in New York. However, he then added, "There hasn’t been any pricing decision made. That’s yet to come."

To further do nothing whatsoever to even pretend at keeping Apple’s secrets, he explained to attendees that when it comes to pricing, "It comes down to economics, how many units you think you can sell at different price points. That’s how pricing is determined on just about any device."

With a flurry of wireless carriers spilling tidbits great and small about the upcoming iPhone, it’s enough to make one wonder if Apple has relaxed its Official Super Double Secret™ policy on unannounced products. That’s especially so when someone like Mr. Lindner says publicly that he has seen a picture of the new iPhone, though he hasn’t seen the actual device.

In reality, however, what we’re seeing is likely the natural consequences of having third-party partners with a greater role to play in an Apple product than has usually been the case in the past.

The Guardian has additional information on the comments Mr. Lindner made at the summit.

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