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  • Now Here Is Nowhere

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    • The Secret Machines' inaugural album, Now Here is Nowhere is both old and new in its sonic assault. The trio's surprisingly big sound evokes Pink Floyd (without ever sounding like any Pink

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    • Mystics Anonymous
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      Suspended Animation

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AT&T Says iPhone 3G Sold Out, As Lines Grow At Apple Stores

While the lines at Orlando, Florida’s, two Apple Stores were still between 50 and 100 people as of 3:00PM Friday, lines outside of every AT&T store checked had disappeared. AT&T is claiming that they’ve sold out of iPhones and representatives will be glad to take your order for an iPhone, with a 7 to 10 day wait and a return visit to the store to activate it.

Meanwhile, Apple Stores seem to be flushed with iPhones. Getting them out the door, however, is apparently a lot harder than it should be. When the Apple Stores opened, customers went through the process of buying and activating a phone in about 15 minutes. However, as the volume of activations increased the time it took to activate a new iPhone increased as well.

At 3:00PM Apple employees still cheered when a new iPhone customer walked out the door, but those cheers seem to come more infrequently as store reps struggle to make customers happy.

Outside, in the line in front of the Apple Store in The Mall at Millenia, intrepid iPhone customers look resigned for a long wait. Some sat in small groups on the floor while others, who have apparently been in lines like this before, sat in folding chairs and looked as if they were camping out.

What’s worse is that the lines continue to grow as people leave work.

Apple Store reps and mall personnel appear to be making every attempt to keep those standing in lines happy content patient. Apple reps passed out water and chatted with customers and mall management made plans to accommodate customers on Saturday, which seemed prudent since many people will wait until the weekend to attempt a purchase. And since AT&T seems to be out of phones, Apple Stores are now the only option if you don’t want to wait a week.

No matter how you dice it, it looks like a long weekend ahead for Apple.

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