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  • The Life Pursuit

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Current Blu-ray Drives Are Power Hungry

The current Blu-ray drives for portable computers draw a lot of power, according to Wired. For now, the best deployment may be desktop computers with plenty of A/C power and larger screens.

In fact, with the current generation of drives, one would be fortunate to get halfway through a movie on a notebook computer and battery power.

"Blu-ray battery life is obviously a huge concern," said Yankee Group analyst Josh Martin. "If you bought an iPhone and you couldn’t watch a two-hour movie, which you barely can now, that would be a huge problem," Mr. Martin continued.

Bryan Gardiner noted that, so far, manufacturers have been coy about revealing the power consumption. One source of the problem is the power hungry blue wavelength laser in the drive. A second is the software that does the video decoding.

"Any time you introduce a new technology like this, the initial products tend to be more power-hungry," said Dean McCarron of Mercury Research. "Once you get to a certain point, though, the industry usually starts the refinement process."

Now that the HD disc format war is over, that refinement process will pick up the pace, and many customers just can’t wait. Even so, if and when Apple releases new Macs with Blu-ray drives, especially those that can write to discs and archive data, they’ll likely first show up in the iMac and Mac Pro.

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