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Release Date: September 29, 2009
Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 20, 2009
Release Date: September 15, 2009
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StickWars $0.99
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  • Every Day: The Best of the Verve Years

    • 8 out of 10
    • Joe Williams
    • Joe Williams was Figure Two in my three-man education in singing. A brilliant vocalist, scatter, and interpreter of jazz and blues, Williams produces music that's totally unique, yet sounds so effortl
  • 2112

    • 10 out of 10
    • Rush
    • We all know it, right? Well, ya just gotta have it. 2112 finally showed Rush out on their own, doing their own thing, and doing it well, IMHO.
  • Supernature

    • 10 out of 10
    • Goldfrapp
    • On their latest CD, Supernature, Goldfrapp has put together a successful mix of 1980-era New Romanticism, German cabaret, and T. Rex glam that leaves you riveted even through the album's lulls. It's a great amalgam that sounds current without sounding at all dated.

  • The Wall (Deluxe Packaging Digitally Remastered)

    • 10 out of 10
    • Pink Floyd
    • Okay, someone had to say it, and though others on the iPO staff are more qualified to review this album, I decided the time was now. This is the quintessential concept album. Though others came before
  • The Stooges

    • 8 out of 10
    • The Stooges
    • Another pillar of my musical foundations, The Stooges' first album is one those records whose influence far outweighed its popularity. Like The Velvet Underground & Nico, hordes of people wh

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Fortune: Microsoft Looks to Cash in on the iPhone

Microsoft is hardly ignoring the iPhone, according to Fortune on Tuesday. The Microsoft Mac Business Unit (MacBU) has the iPhone SDK and is eager to find out of there are business opportunities for Microsoft to develop iPhone software.

"Its really important for us to understand what we can bring to the iPhone," said Tom Gibbons, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Specialized Devices and Applications Group. "To the extent that Mac Office customers have functionality that they need in that environment, were actually in the process of trying to understand that now."

Of course, while Microsoft and Apple are rivals in many areas, the MacBU in Mountain View, Calif has been delivering software for Macs for over a decade. The MacBU exists because it makes good money for Microsoft, to the tune of US$350M in revenue per year with a profit estimated at $200M. That group has a lot of experience writing Mac software, so it was natural for them to explore the iPhone SDK.

"We do have experience with that environment, and that gives us confidence to be able to do something," Mr. Gibbons said. "The key question is, what is the value that we need to bring? Were still getting comfortable with the SDK, right? Its just come out. So we had a guess as to what feasibility would be like, now well really get our head wrapped around that."

In addition, another Microsoft group, TellMe, sees opportunity in voice recognition software, an area that Microsoft has spent a lot of R&D dollars. "If the SDK supports these things," said Mike McCue, the TellMe general manager, "were absolutely going to get a version out there as soon as we can..."

That Microsoft is looking to make money from the iPhone may seem ironic, but making money from Apple hardware is merely something the MacBU has been doing for a very long time.

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