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Apple Axing iPhone Emoji Apps


Apple has apparently decided that iPhone and iPod touch users outside of Japan don't need Emoji characters, so the company has begun rejecting programs that enable the feature. Programs that do nothing more than enable Emoji have already started to disappear from the App Store, too, according to iPhone Alley.

Applications that are already available at the App Store and include an Emoji enabler in addition to other features, such as Type Genius and Spell Number, will be required to release updates that don't have the enabler code. Apple won't, however, disable Emoji support on handhelds where it has already been activated -- at least for now.

Emoji icons on the iPhone

Emoji are emoticons, or stylized smiley faces and other icons that can be used in SMS messages, Tweets, email messages, and other text-based apps. Since they are very popular in Japan, Apple included a long list of Emoji icons in iPhone and iPod touch Software 2.2, but hid them from users outside of the country.

Unlocking Emoji support in non-Japanese iPhones and iPod touches isn't a difficult process, but apparently Apple doesn't think the rest of the world needs to use the collection of cute little icons.


4 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

robinson said:

Need to rewrite your final sentence—you’ve used a double negative and ended up where you didn’t want to!

“Apple doesn’t think the rest of the world doesn’t need to use the collection of cute little icons.”

Should be “Apple thinks the rest of the world doesn’t need to use the collection of cute little icons.”


secret_agent said:

I respect Apple’s “walled garden” approach to app’s, but this seems ridiculous.  Why on Earth would Apple want to disable a fun feature that many iPhone users enjoy?


The Digital Alchemist said:

Just one more reason to Jailbreak!


Doug said:

Before Apple dropped these emoji-enabling apps people were having a good time with the icons on Twitter. They still are, of course. I did a quick little analysis, it might be of interest to some of you:


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