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  • Physical Graffiti

    • 10 out of 10
    • Led Zeppelin
    • This album bears every flavor of genius from the five records that came before. It is, I believe, the band's finest. With Physical Graffiti, Zep came raging back to their musical home territory -- har
  • Spanks for the Memories

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    • Asylum Street Spankers
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    • Goldfrapp
    • On their latest CD, Supernature, Goldfrapp has put together a successful mix of 1980-era New Romanticism, German cabaret, and T. Rex glam that leaves you riveted even through the album's lulls. It's a great amalgam that sounds current without sounding at all dated.

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Apple Now Offering Carrier-Free iPhone in French Marketplace for 799 to 899 Euros


French retailer FNAC announced on Monday that the company would be selling a contract-free version of Apple's iPhone 3G handset. The units, which are available at a significant markup, retail for €799 ($1,125.60) for the 8GB model and €899 ($1,266.23) for the 16GB model. 

The contract-free versions of Apple's iPhone 3G handset emerged after a recent French regulatory ruling that has forced Apple and wireless carrier Orange to allow sales of the iPhone 3G by other companies. The complaint, brought forth by carrier Bouygues Telecom, accused Apple and Orange of hurting French competition via its exclusive deal. Though the government has yet to make a final decision in the case, the current court decision has favored Bouygues as well as competing carriers within the country.

Thanks to MacNN and for the heads up on the FNAC listing.

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vasic said:

Those are lovely prices indeed! One could easily get beautiful refurbished MacBooks in the US for that money. In fact, for the price of that bigger model, you could get a brand new US MacBook (at today’s exchange rate). As US dollar has recently resumed its retreat against the Euro, the difference will only get greater. I’m curious how many they’ll sell.


Jay said:

nice im going to return the laptop i bought from http:/ lol


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