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Apple & RIM Gobble Up Disproportionate Cellphone Profits

While Apple's iPhone and Research In Motion's Blackberry sold three percent of the world's cellphones in 2008, they gobbled up some 35% of the market's profits.

This according to Deutsche Bank analyst Brian Modoff (via The Wall Street Journal), who said the picture gets even rosier for the two companies in 2009, when he expects Apple and RIM to claim some 5% of cell phones sold in the global market. With that number, Mr. Modoff said the two firms will enjoy some 58% of the total profits.

Of the 35% the two companies claim, Apple's share is 20%, while RIM raked in 15% -- but, RIM sells more BlackBerrys than Apple sells iPhones, with a broader product line.

Neither company is even the largest smartphone manufacturer -- Nokia claims that honor, as well as the title of the world's #1 handset manufacturer -- yet clearly Apple and RIM are dominating the highest of the high-end of the market.

2 comments from the community.

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Marc said:

Like they used to say, Apple users may only be 3% of the world’s market, but they are the UPPER 3%!


iJack said:

There was in interesting article in today’s NY Times about why Japan has no share of the global cellphone market.  Basically, their phones and service are so far ahead of the rest of the world’s, that no other country can use all the features.  It’s an good read.;&emc;=th


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