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Apple, Verizon Talks May Include New iPhone, Tablet

Rumors that Apple and Verizon are negotiating an iPhone deal are building momentum, and now it looks like they include detail leaks about two new handheld devices. The rumored products include an "iPhone lite," possibly just for Verizon, and a multimedia tablet device that's bigger than the iPhone and sports a touch screen interface, according to BusinessWeek.

Details on the "iPhone lite" are slim, although it appears that the device will cost less than the current iPhone 3G, sport a thinner profile, and will use "system on a chip" technology.

The tablet-style device will apparently be smaller than the Amazon Kindle, but with a bigger display. It will play music and movies, and display photos. One person that claimed to have seen the tablet commented "We are talking about a device where people will say, 'Damn, why didn't we do this?' Apple is probably going to define the damn category."

If Apple and Verizon do strike a deal, that would end AT&T's exclusive iPhone deal in the U.S., and the cell carrier is currently working to prevent that from happening. AT&T is in talks with Apple to extend its exclusive iPhone deal beyond 2010, and Apple executives have said that they are happy with their relationship with the cell service provider.

Apple may also be pitting the two carriers against each other to improve its own negotiating position. If so, the company may be able to call the shots for new iPhone deals with AT&T and Verizon.

5 comments from the community.

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Tiger said:

Idea for them:

separate section of the App Store.

call it the Ver-iZone


Pashtun Wally said:

I completely doubt that VZW is any kind of contender here:  they almost certainly lost their initial chance due to their ‘pride of size’ and their absolute insistence on control of the phone & restriction of the user experience.  Even in AAPL were thoroughly displeased w/ ATT I think there’s a snowball’s chance that Apple would take on the backward-looking task of tackling a CDMA phone on VZW’s terms.

If VZW wants the iPhone, they need an ATT-busting offer, both for Apple and for customers.  At minimum, they need to drop their V-Castfunneling, and their control over the contents of the device.  They also need to offer current service levels at a better price, or a significantly better service level at the same price.

And even so, there’s still CDMA…sorry, gents - just don’t see it happening.  I see VZW adopting GSM first.


rattlebone said:

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if Apple just did their own proprietary phone service!? Is that naive of me? Could they legally do it, since WE taxpayers paid for satellites for these phone companies


PSMacintosh said:

I’m totally sick of Apple’s Exclusive Contracts and Subsidized Pricing arrangements.
It cuts many of us out of using an iPhone.

Just make an iPhone that can be made workable with any and all cell carieers….and let them sell.

With such foreseeable increased sales, will come foreseeable economy of scale, which will allow sufficient price reductions to make heavy subsidization unnecessary.

The iPhone could be made to run fine on CDMA….or as fine as it can run.

Verizon has the best cell coverage by far in the rolling valleys where I live in SF East Bay.


cb50dc said:

PSMacintosh hit it. I’ve been a MacFan since about 1986, currently using an iMac, MacBook Pro, and a dinky iPod Shuffle, and one of the main reasons I still won’t buy an iPhone is the friggin’ AT&T restriction, and its attendant costs. When the terms come down to a freer, simpler, and more accessible unit, I’ll consider getting in line.


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