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Arcade Shooter Silent Scope Arrives on iPhone

Konami has released an iPhone version of the 1999 arcade game Silent Scope, in which players must save the President and his family, who have been abducted by terrorists. It features two gameplay modes, Arcade and Training, with nine stages of action. Arcade and Training modes each feature three stages.

Players tap and slide the screen to move the gun sight and tap again to shoot; double-tapping turns scope mode on and off. A hidden character named Life Up Girl offers additional lives when found. Silent Scope also features various difficulty settings.

4 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

jimothy said:

I liked playing this game at the arcade years ago, but my enthusiasm has waned. Frankly, if some terrorists kidnapped our President, I’d let ‘em having him.


fultonkbd said:

@ jimothy - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.    Why do you hate American?  USA! USA!  American…love it or leave it. (That’s for you if you were trolling)  smile

On a more serious note… I have never played this game but some of the other sniper games are fun and challenging. Will have to check this one out.


jimothy said:

Oh no, I’m not trolling. They really can have him. They could have the last one, too. I love America, which is why I hate big government, anti-liberty, anti-free market, anti-Constitution hacks like Bush and Obama.

Silent Scope ticked me off at the arcade. I could pick off the guys from the buildings, but once I got to the stadium, it was game over, man.

I may have to check this out for nostalgia’s sake. I’ll just have to avoid the temptation to aim for the prez.


fultonkbd said:

Well you are certain entitled to your opinion on all the presidents. And welcome to express them. I was just just yanking your chain because the post sounded like a good way to get people argue politics.

As far as the game goes… I assume if you end up hitting the prez then you would lose. smile


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