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ATTN: Flight Nerds - ForeFlight Charts Offers FAA Terminal & Sectional Charts on iPhone

ForeFlight Charts
ForeFlight Charts

ForeFlight announced Friday the release of ForeFlight Charts 1.0, an app for exploring FAA VFR Sectional Charts and planning simple flight routes on your iPhone. ForeFlight Charts is aimed at users who really get into the details of flying, and includes tools for searching for airports, calculators for trip time and fuel born, trip distance, and more.

Main features:

  • Pinch, drag, and zoom FAA Sectional Charts in the continental United States, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.
  • Zoom into major airports to see FAA Terminal Charts.
  • Draw a route of flight using two or more airport identifiers, ground speed, and fuel burn.
  • Airport elevation and tower/CTAF frequencies displayed within airport markers.
  • ‘Follow Me’ functionality that uses the iPhone's location support to enable moving map functionality.
  • Display ground speed, true course, and altitude when in Follow Me mode.
  • Rotation support for browsing charts and routes in landscape mode.
  • Default settings for ground speed and fuel burn.

ForeFlight Charts is a subscription-based app, at US$9.99 per year through the App Store.

ForeFlight Charts
ForeFlight Charts Screenshot

4 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

dave said:

This app needs to be pulled immediately, because it will be used by terrorists to attack our airports.


iJack said:

I hope that wasn’t serious, Dave.

This is incredibly cheap, considering the normal cost to update Sectional (every five months, I believe).  I am wondering just how usable it would be on something as small as an iPhone, however.  Maybe if it was mounted to the yoke, it would be OK.  Then there is always the possibility of using it on the much-rumored iPad.


iJack said:

Oh, and Brian, “Flight Nerds” are actually called pilots.


Bryan Chaffin said:

Hey iJack, I almost used “pilots,” but I thought “Flight Nerds” was funnier, and perhaps more inclusive for those who might be interested.  I seriously went back and forth, though, but the cheap laugh won. smile


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