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      This group does a marvelous job of moving seamlessly be

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      Suspended Animation

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    • Wolfmother
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iPO iPhone 3G S Quick Look Video

Apple released the highly anticipated iPhone 3G S on Friday, June 19. The Mac Observer and were on location to cover the launch event, and thanks to David Gallant we have a hands-on Quick Look feature demonstration video, that shows off the new camera and video features, digital compass, Spotlight, oil-resistant screen, and more.

iPhone 3G S first impressions seem to indicate that the new model is substantially faster than the iPhone 3G. While maintaining the same form factor as the 3G model, the new iPhone includes a 3 megapixel auto-focusing camera, twice the memory as the previous top-of-the-line model, along with voice control and improved navigation support.

Apple introduced the iPhone 3G S during its World Wide Developer Conference on June 8 in San Francisco. The new iPhone sports an auto-focusing camera, video capture and editing support, voice control, a built-in digital compass, and more.

Lines for early iPhone 3G S buyers weren't as long as first-day iPhone 3G lines, but interest in the new combination iPod and smartphone was high. Shoppers began camping out in front of some Apple retail locations more than a day in advance, and many were eying the higher capacity 32GB model.

[A special thanks to David Gallant for putting together the iPhone 3G S Quick Look feature video.]

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