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Rumor: iPhone to get Micro Projector

If a new rumor is correct, Apple's iPhone could become a pocket-sized home entertainment system. Apparently Foxlink has ramped up development of micro projectors, and several handset manufacturers, including Apple, are planning on releasing devices with the technology by the end of the year, according to DigiTimes.

If true, including a micro projector would let the the iPhone project images and possibly video onto nearby surfaces, essentially turning the device into a portable presentation or movie viewing system.

The idea of adding a built-in projector to portable devices is enticing, especially for business users looking to minimize the gear they carry for presentations. Whether or not they really will appear in handhelds like the iPhone, however, is still open for debate -- especially considering less-than-stellar accuracy record for upcoming product announcements at DigiTimes.

5 comments from the community.

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Caner said:

Thanks excellent


mrmwebmax said:


Pardon my skepticism, but wouldn’t the heat generated by any halfway-decent projection system melt an iPhone?


jbruni said:

Pardon my skepticism, but wouldn’t the heat generated by any halfway-decent projection system melt an iPhone?

Unless the lighting system was implemented using a super-bright LED. Incandescent lights are the root of the heat in most projectors.

I don’t expect this to take the place of large office-grade projectors. But it would be kinda cool in a smaller setting. Couple this feature with the rumored MobileMe iDisk app, and you’ll have a keynote presentation in a pocket.


Casual observer said:

A new company in Arizona is bringing projector equiped smartphones to market as we speak. Heat is not an issue (I have used one).


iJack said:


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