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  • Another Day on Earth

    • 10 out of 10
    • Brian Eno
    • In his first proper solo release since 1996's relatively cold "The Drop," Brian Eno has constructed a whimsical and ecclectic masterpiece which is arguably one of the year's strongest records thus fa
  • Go Away White

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    • Phish
    • This quasi-concept album (the only of its kind) from these Vermonters finally showcased their ability to convey a message with a studio album, whereas previously they only succeeded in doing so live.

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Travel Assistant Pro for iPhone Adds TripIt Pro Support

Nodconcept announced Wednesday the release of Travel Assistant Pro 3.0 for iPhone. The new version of the itinerary and travel information manager adds support for TripIt Pro, as well as new features that take advantage of iPhone OS 3.0.

For instance, Nodconcept's Chris Diskin demonstrated for the ability to sync with TripIt with a flick of the wrist. In addition, users can share itineraries with other people via e-mail, add current locations to the Travel Log using location services, and double tap items to disable and re-enable them. Phone numbers and URLs are automatically turned into tappable links.

TripIt is a third party itinerary service, and with TripIt Pro, users can have their itineraries monitored in real-time. Once TripIt receives your itinerary, it will be synced on your iPhone through Travel Assistant Pro, eliminating the need to manually enter itinerary information.

Travel Assistant Pro has a number of other features for travellers, including the above-mentioned Travel Log for noting places of interest, list managers, reward program managers, and more.

Version 3.0 is a free upgrade for owners of previous versions of the software, and is priced at US$9.99 for new users. It requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later, though clearly some features are only available with iPhone OS 3.0.

Travel Assistant Pro 3.0 Screenshot
Screenshot from Travel Assistant Pro 3.0

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Heathrow Airport Parking said:

I believe this aspect is growing everywhere as business owners learn what it is. For example, Phoenix is much more sophisticated in this regards than here in Tucson. I average small business owner is still way behind in their understanding such incidents.
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Martin from Poland said:

oh that’s a good enough software for my favorite device ever!=)
Like it surely and like that application cause i di travel o lot and do need it!=)
Thanks for sharing!=)
Travel here and have a great time Poland vacations
Strongly recommend it!=)


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