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Verizon iPhone Deal More Likely After 4G Launch

Apple isn't likely to strike an iPhone deal with Verizon right now because it isn't interested in making a CMDA-compatible version of its smartphone for the carrier's network. An opportunity for a deal could, however, arise once Verizon's 4G LTE network is online.

According to the Wall Street Journal, AT&T and Verizon are both working on rolling out their 4G networks, and unlike their current wireless offerings, the systems will be compatible -- meaning Apple won't have to build two versions of the iPhone.

Verizon's rollout efforts are ahead of AT&T's right now, which potentially gives the carrier a leg up on AT&T. Despite its head start, Verizon isn't planning on phasing out CMDA network support until 2011, so AT&T's slower 4G migration and beefed up 3G support could be enough to convince Apple to stick with its exclusive carrier agreement with AT&T. The cell service provider is currently negotiating with Apple to extend its exclusive contract beyond 2010 and into 2011.

Since Apple doesn't appear to be interested in building a CMDA version of the its combination iPod and smartphone, Verizon will have to wait until its 4G network is online and AT&T's exclusive deal runs out before it has a chance at getting in on the iPhone action.


3 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

Gino said:

Dude, it’s CDMA, Code Division Multiple Access, not CMDA.


PSMacintosh said:

What is your EVIDENCE for claiming that Apple is NOT interested in making (wouldn’t make/couldn’t make) a CDMA iPhone?

It is not enough to just observe that Apple has not yet made a CDMA phone and then speculate a conclusion that Apple must specifically NOT WANT to make a CDMA phone.

Wouldn’t it be fairly easy to change the iPhone to a CDMA phone, mostly by just changing the chip? 
(I don’t know cell phone engineering. 
Don’t several cell manufactureres make basically the same cell phone, but then just insert the different cell chip depending on the carrier’s system? Haven’t some cell phones even been made with both chips in one phone?)
(I don’t think it is a major deal to make the iPhone into a CDMA phone.  I doubt that this is WHY Apple doesn’t make a cell phone that works with all of the CDMA carriers in the world.)

I’m ONLY talking about the cell phone feature here, not the 3G or 4G broadband access features or WiFi features.


Greg said:

RE: Building a CDMA iPhone.

It is more complicated than ‘inserting a different chip.’

One of the biggest concerns is that CDMA is old-tech and will be phased out very soon. Why put any effort into an expensive product with a fast approaching expiration date?

Would you buy a new car that you know will stop working (forever,) in less than two years?

I would prefer not to see a Verizon iPhone. There customer service goes from non-existant to poor.

Get over it and move on. AT&T has the phone, better coverage and great customer service. Why all the fuss about Verizon?

Verizon has obsolete equipment and technology (Think Chrysler.) Switch to a modern carrier and be done with it. Why does anybody really care about Verizon getting the iPhone anyway?

I guess if you already have Verizon and have not used AT&T, you don’t know how good it can be.


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