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WordFu, Space Invaders, Cooking Mama Come to iPhone

On Friday, ngmoco launched the word puzzle game WordFu on the App Store while Taito introduced the classic shooter Space Invaders and Cooking Mama, which is a port of a popular console game.

In WordFu, players roll dice to create a board full of letters and use multi-touch gestures to initiate Kung Fu strikes that spell as many words as possible before time runs out. They can compete against friends in Wi-Fi battle mode and post high scores on the leader board. Pricing is US$0.99 for a limited time. iPhone 2.2 software is required.

Space Invaders ($4.99) is a recreation of the classic arcade game released in 1978, including a reproduction of the original cabinet. Monochrome or color displays are available, along with the cellophane overlay that was originally used to bring color to the game. Players can also choose their own background, as well as view archival images from the original game's development. iPhone 2.1 software is required.

Cooking Mama ($6.99) is a port of the game that's been available for various consoles. It features two modes -- Let's Cook and Cooking Contest -- and uses the iPhone's accelerometer and touch screen to allow players to chop vegetables, knead hamburger meat, melt and spread butter, and more. iPhone 2.0 software is required.

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steveballmer said:

Space Invaders?

I guess that’s as good as any apple product gets! LOL


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