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In-Depth Review

Case-Mate Signature Leather Case for iPhone 3G

The Case-Mate Signature Leather Case for iPhone 3G is one of the most beautiful and elegant cases I've tested so far. It's sturdy and stylish, and provides good (but not great) protection for your iPhone 3G. Handcrafted of soft Italian Napa leather layered over a stiff shell, it comes in either black or red and it looks great in both.

When I reviewed the first-generation of this product last year (click here to read that review), I said it was my favorite at the time. I like the new version almost as much.

Like the first generation case, your iPhone is fully functional except when docking (something almost all cases prohibit) and offers a significant amount of protection for your iPhone.

The case includes a self-adhesive screen protector sheet that covers the touch screen without impairing functionality. While other cases include this, it's a feature I heartily approve of and consider a real benefit in any case. I also like that this case is rigid underneath the soft leather and offers a reasonable degree of protection for most of my iPhone. The design leaves a small portion of the back of your iPhone (near the camera lens) without protection, but other than that your phone is well-protected against bumps and scratches.

Another nice feature is that you can have your case personalized with your name or initials laser-etched on the back of the case in your choice of 4 fonts at no additional cost.

The big difference between this case and the first generation case is that the first generation case came with a removable belt clip and the 3G case does not. I liked that feature for a couple of reasons. First, I don't usually want or need a belt clip on my iPhone case, but sometimes I do. I considered the fact that the clip was detachable a benefit and was also pleased that removing the clip left the back of the case totally smooth with no post sticking out.

Alas, the Signature Series Leather Case for iPhone 3G has no clip at all. What's worse is that if you want a clip, you must order the optional holster for an additional $15.

That wouldn't have bothered me as much if the original case hadn't included a great removable belt clip and cost the same as the new 3G case with no clip. On the other hand, if you don't care about having a clip, this feature (or lack of a feature) won't make a bit of difference to you.

There is one last thing. . . This case is also available wrapped in a unique carbon fiber-like leather in black or silver for $49.99 (click here for info) or bundled with a black or silver carbon fiber holster for $79.99 (click here for info).

The Bottom Line

The Signature Series Leather Case for iPhone 3G is a beautiful and well-designed case that offers good (but not great) protection for your iPhone at a reasonable cost.

Just The Facts

Pros:Elegant, handsome, free personalization, easy access to all controls.

Cons:No belt clip, portion of the back side of your phone is not protected.

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