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In-Depth Review

Ped2 iPod Stand for iPod and iPod mini

You just don't know you need some products until you've actually used them. For me, such was the case with Ped2 from Thought Out...Co., the metal iPod stand that got my iPod off of my desk and above the stuff that inevitably accumulates on it, moving the cord mostly out of the way in the process. That it can do so while holding my iPod securely, and accommodate any case I am currently taking a fancy to, makes it all the better.

People with meticulously neat desks may not see the need for an iPod stand. For everyone else, of course, the benefits are numerous. What makes Ped2 a really great product, however, is the way it was built; it was, dare I say it, well thought-out.

The part of the stand that holds your iPod can be adjusted to hold whichever full-bodied iPod or iPod mini you have (Thought Out told me that it will hold the new iPod nano, but not securely cradle it). It can also accommodate cell phones, PDAs, or other, similar devices, if you so wish.

The parts of the stand that come into contact with your desk or iPod are coated with rubber. That means that your iPod will be held securely in place, without getting scratched, and that the heavy stand won't move.

In actual use, I found that both the elevated nature of the stand, and the ability to tilt my iPod so that I could more easily read the display was convenient, even though I didn't realize before I used the stand that I wanted that convenience.

Comes in black and white. My review unit was the white model.

[Tip: When adjusting the stand, you don't have to change the spacers on both sides unless you are concerned about symmetry.]

Adjusting Ped2 involves removing the endcaps and changing the spacers.

Ped2 adjusted for a naked iPod.

Ped2 adjusted for Marware's SportSuit Convertible.

Just The Facts

Ped2 from Thought Out...Co.

MSRP US$39.99

Pros:Very solid metal construction with rubberized grips to hold everything in place. Well thought-out design keeps the cord out of the way, while allowing your iPod to be viewed from any angle.

Cons:Adjusting the size of the cradle could be easier. Some will consider the $39.99 price to be high.

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