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In-Depth Review

TuneBox Speakers for iPod shuffle

TuneBox in the box
Griffin Technology has been making first-rate iPod accessories for almost four years, so it was with some disappointment that I found one of the company's newest products, the TuneBox speaker system for iPod shuffle, sorely lacking.

At US$39.99, the micro speaker system had the looks and the price to match the iPod shuffle, but its twin speakers left our ears yearning for much more. Not only are low frequencies almost forgotten and volume lacking, but the TuneBox is missing the richness and clarity of other portable speaker systems.

Perhaps it's not fair to compare the TuneBox to iPod speakers costing two, three, or four times as much, but for most people there's a minimum that a speaker system must pass for it to even be worth listening to regularly, and the TuneBox didn't pass ours.

The TuneBox's tiny form-factor would make it a decent addition to a campsite for when a guitar's not around, save for the fact that it's clearly not designed with portability in mind. Lack of battery power aside, without the original bulkier box it would be difficult to toss the TuneBox into a bag without fear of damaging one of the exposed cones.

The TuneBox's niftiest trick is being able to charge your iPod shuffle while you listen to your music without a computer. If you can forgo that and the need for a tiny footprint, you'll find far better speaker systems in this price range if you search for ones that aren't designed specifically for the iPod.

TuneBox closeup

And some competing products

Just The Facts

Pros:It's from Griffin Technology

Cons:Griffin Technology's first speaker system for iPod shuffle is weak and unimpressive

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