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In-Depth Review

ARC Protective Case for iPhone 3G

RadTech's ARC case for the iPhone 3G is very much like the iFrogz Luxe case I reviewed here last November (click here to read it) in almost every way. For what it's worth, my bottom line on the Luxe was: 

I like everything about this case and at $19.99 it's a bargain.

Well I like the RadTech ARC case just as much and possibly even a tiny bit more. In fact, if I didn't know better I'd think the RadTech ARC was the new and improved version of the iFrogz Luxe. Side-by-side you'd be hard pressed to notice any differences at all. The biggest difference is that the RadTech ARC case has a half-circle clasp on the back where the upper and lower pieces connect where the iFrogz Luxe has a full-circle clasp.  

Rad Tech ARC case 1

As it turns out, that half-circle clasp (on the ARC) makes it a little easier to disengage the two case parts (than the full-circle clasp on the Luxe). So it's somewhat easier to remove your iPhone from the ARC than from the Luxe. I think if you're someone who removes your phone from its case frequently (for docking or cleaning or whatever), you'll prefer the ARC to the Luxe for this reason alone. 

The only other difference between the two is that the ARC lacks a screen protector and the Luxe includes one. The Luxe, however, costs $5 more, so that's kind of a wash. Furthermore, for a few bucks more RadTech offers three different kinds of screen protection (called ClearCal) -- anti-glare, transparent, or mirror. So with RadTech you can either spend a few more bucks and select the film you prefer, or save a few bucks if you don't care for screen protection. 

One other tiny difference: The RadTech ARC comes in just four colors -- black, silver, blue, and red. The iFrogz Luxe is available in a total of six colors including three colors the ARC doesn't offer  -- orange, green, and purple. But the Luxe isn't available in black, which has become my favorite color with its subtle and understated elegance.  

Other than that the ARC and the Luxe are more or less twins. Both are thin and lightweight, protecting as much of your iPhone as possible from scratches and scuffs. 


And both sport a cool velvety soft-touch finish that feels great in your hand. Finally, both cases are slender enough to allow docking in many (but not all) docking devices.

The Bottom Line

Rather than repeat myself, might I suggest you read the IFrogz Luxe case review (still here) to see how much I liked that case. I like this case as well or better, and I really like the low price (25% less than the Luxe's list price). 

Just The Facts


Nice looking, soft-touch finish feels great, easy to get iPhone in or out, thin, lightweight, low price.


Possibly less impact protection than some thicker/heavier cases, no screen protection included.

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