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In-Depth Review

iMojo shuffle Sweats for iPod shuffle

iMojo's shuffle Sweats are a bit of a double-edged sword: you'll love the convenience and simple design, but you'll wonder why you didn't think of such a basic and elegant product first, another chance to cash-in on the "iPod economy" having passed.

Cynicism aside, iMojo has crafted a truly terrific solution for iPod shuffle-listening bodies in motion. Shuffle Sweats weigh next to nothing even with the iPod shuffle and we found their placement on your forearm -- as opposed to your bicep as with most armbands -- to be more convenient and comfortable.

You receive two shuffle Sweats in a pack for US$18.95, one black and one white, making them not only cheaper than most armbands but also more fashion-savvy. A shuffle Sweat consists of a basic armband with a elastic holder stitched to it for securing the iPod shuffle and the silicone cleat that pins down extra headphone cable.

iMojo shuffle Sweats come two to a pack

Shuffle Sweats are easy to wash (turn inside out, machine wash cold, tumble dry low) so you don't have to worry about any unappealing soil or odor building up. Like that shirt that looked so great on the rack but lost some of its charm after a few washes, however, our shuffle Sweats became a little less soft and spiffy looking after a few washes. This is nothing out of the ordinary, however, and doesn't impede functionality in the least.

One last note: shuffle Sweats really only work with naked iPod shuffles. The elastic band is just loose enough to securely grip the shuffle's body and doesn't accommodate a shuffle wrapped in a plastic or metal case. Even skin-tight silicone shuffle skins are difficult to use with the shuffle Sweat, since sliding the tacky silicone against the grippy elastic band is a chore.

iMojo shuffle Sweats in Action

Just The Facts

iMojo shuffle Sweats from iMojo

MSRP US$18.95

Pros:Comfortable, convenient, effective cable management

Cons:None significant

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