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Release Date: August 05, 2009
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Release Date: September 29, 2009
Genre: Rock
Release Date: September 20, 2009
Release Date: September 15, 2009
Release Date: August 25, 2009
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Release Date: August 25, 2009

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Release Date: April 22, 2009
StickWars $0.99
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  • So Jealous

    • 8 out of 10
    • Tegan and Sara
    • So Jealous is the third album from these sisters, and easily the one to single out for an introduction to their music. Some people may not get on board with their vocal styles, which are slightly

  • Supermodified

    • 10 out of 10
    • Amon Tobin
    • The genius is in the beats. Amon Tobin creates fantastic, groovy beats behind beats. "Supermodified" rolls through your expectations of breakbeat music, and turns them up a bit. It's a mellow album, p
  • Machine Gun Etiquette

    • 8 out of 10
    • The Damned
    • Punk rock is mostly associated with three chords and a bad attitude, but the Damned were one of the few bands of the era bent on bringing musicianship and a good sense of humor to the scene. And while
  • Spanks for the Memories

    • 8 out of 10
    • Asylum Street Spankers
    • The Asylum Street Spankers are...well...The Spankers. Hailing from Austin, where I saw them live dozens of times, the band played entirely acousti

  • Playing the Angel

    • 8 out of 10
    • Depeche Mode
    • Oddly enough, Playing The Angel is a return to form for Depeche Mode, even though it may well be argued that they never truly deviated from their roots in their more recent offerings. In the

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Napster President Accuses Apple of Creating ‘Hardware Trap’

Napster president Brad Duea believes that Apple CEO Steve Jobs has "tricked people into buying a hardware trap" by virtue of the fact that songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store only play on an iPod. He expressed those views in an interview with BBC News Darren Waters.

Napster was "once a byword for piracy," as Mr. Waters puts it, but now it has over 400,000 subscribers who have access to approximately 1.5 million songs. Mr. Duea defends the subscription model, of course, labeling it an "experience" and saying that the traditional method of selling music on CD is "a forced bundle by the labels."

With subscriptions, he notes, "you can listen to the latest CDs and never again be caught buying a bad CD which has one hit song and all the rest are crap." While Mr. Duea views the iPod/iTunes music system as a closed one, he says: "The dream is that Napster would work on any PC, any player in any territory and work seamlessly."

As for the idea of owning music, he asks: "Has owning cassettes in the past really benefited people? In many cases they have had to repurchase music in a new format. I do not think the argument about ownership is such a wonderful thing. What do you really want as a music fan? It's to access music and listening to music."

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