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Panasonic: Plasma and LCD HDTVs Will Be Around A Long Time

Plasma and LCD displays will be around for the next ten years, with hardly practical contender in sight, according to Bob Perry, Panasonic’s senior vice president for its display division, in an interview with C|Net’s Don Reisinger. OLEDs are the prime contender, but it takes many years for the technology to mature and many more for the product to become affordable. Those anxious for SED and Laser TVs will have a long wait.

Mr. Perry said that the position of Plasma and LCD in the HDTV market will be secure for a decade and that the chances of any new technology hitting the stores soon are slim.

Right now, Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) displays look like the prime contender. They’re very slim and could conceivable be rolled down form the ceiling like a window blind. Today, however, they are too expensive for even notebook displays.

Despite Pioneer turning its fabrication of Plasma displays over to Panasonic, Plasmas keep getting better and better. [Now in their 11th generation.] The market is small but strong. LCDs, which have dominated the market below 42 inches are also coming along strongly in the larger than 42-inch sizes, competing well with Plasma.

The upshot is that we can probably expect to be using these two technologies for the next decade before the Next Big Thing comes along at a price consumers can afford.

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