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Rumor: More Labels to Go DRM-free at iTunes Store

The Internet rumor mill usually has at least a couple Apple-related rumors floating around, and the latest claims that the Mac and iPod maker is negotiating with the major record labels to bring copy protection-free versions of their libraries to the iTunes Store. So far, only EMI has signed on for Apple’s iTunes Plus program.

According to CNET, unnamed music industry sources claimed that Sony BMG, Warner and Universal Music are all negotiating with Apple to offer music that isn’t hampered with digital rights management (DRM) copy protection through the iTunes Store. 9 to 5 Mac thinks Sony is within weeks of adding DRM-free content to the iTunes Store, too, but didn’t cite any sources.

Considering that it’s been over a year since EMI and Apple announced their DRM-free track deal, it’s possible that negotiations with the other major labels have been progressing -- or at least under way.

The big labels have already signed DRM-free deals with iTunes competitors like, which many have seen as a move to snub Apple. If true, it’s possible that the record labels have changed their tune are finally ready to cut a deal with Apple.

Internet rumors, however, have a tendency to feed on themselves and grow from vague statements to claims of fact without any confirmation. Since Apple and the major labels aren’t confirming that negotiations are underway, this rumor should be taken with an appropriate dose of salt.

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