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Welcome to Flight 292: May I See Your iPod?

In the future, iPods may be able to do more than play music and books, show images and videos, and carry your data around with you: Payment and transaction company Ingenico has demonstrated a system that would allow iPods to be used as a payment terminal. In particular, the company showed how an iPod, in conjunction with a Griffin Technology iTrip, could be used to store airline tickets as an MP3 file that could then be "played" to a boarding gate.

The system was merely a demonstration, not a shipping product, and was demonstrated at the Cartes 2005 exhibition, held in November of 2005. The proof-of-concept demonstration used a Griffin iTrip to broadcast a ticket receipt that had been stored as an MP3 file. That broadcast, which Ingenico said is secure, was then picked up by an FM data extraction module made by Atlantic Radio.

Ingenico suggested that this method could be used in other applications that would allow users to pay for other goods and services through their iPods, as well, though no other examples were offered.

All of this begs the question of whether or not consumers would want to use their iPods in this fashion, but that's seldom the intent behind such demonstrations.

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