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iPhone Creates More Panic in Small-ville

Now that the Apple iPhone has full enterprise support and an amazing business model that developers will flock to, those with feet of clay and small minds are dragging out every possible excuse to avoid one core idea: the iPhone is the best smartphone on the planet, and it’s going to become a major force in the mobile phone world.

It’s like watching kids squirm when they don’t want to take a bath before bedtime. Here are just some of the current arguments from C|Net (1,2) and the WSJ (3,4,5) [Subscription may be required.]

1. Apple wants too much control. Any company that wants to control the security of their product is evil and monopolistic.

2. The prohibition on VOIP over EDGE violates net neutrality. (Got that?) Never mind the fact that VOIP is designed to send voice over a packet switching network, and embedding VOIP inside an IP protocol sent over a digital voice network like EDGE is technical lunacy when the iPhone already has Wi-Fi built in.

3. Apple announced support for Microsoft Exchange. That’s unfortunate because it excludes Lotus Notes and Novell systems.

4. The iPhone only works on the AT&T network, one of the largest GSM networks on the planet. Those companies that insist on using Sprint and Qwest will just be out of luck. Shucks.

5. Businesses that have selected the BlackBerry will be reluctant to switch. Change is awfully upsetting.

Actually, what’s upsetting to many is seeing Apple outmaneuver, outthink, and outmarket the competition. For a long time now, it’s been the custom to point out that Macs are (finally, grudgingly) really cool, but when it comes to market share, the fact is, Apple is still a small time player. What’s being noticed now is that Apple is winning big and that the iPhone, thanks to the technology and business model, is poised to become the next major mobile computing platform, and there is apparently nothing any other company can do about it.

Perhaps the Federal Government will step in and put a stop to this Apple madness. Heaven knows who else will.

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