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iPhone Cum Ocarina Used for Stairway to Heaven Performance

Smule’s Ocarina
The folks at Smule have released an ingenious viral video of Ocarina (iTunes link), the company’s iPhone app that allows users to "play" their iPhones as if it were an Ocarina, being used in a performance of Led Zeppelin’s "Stairway to Heaven."

Ocarina converts your iPhone to an Ocarina -- the user must blow into the microphone, and an Ocarina-like note is played through your iPhone’s speaker. Four virtual buttons on the touchscreen allow the user to change that note just like an ocarina, and the software is even sensitive to different intensities of blowing.

Ocarina also has a global function that allows you to see where other Ocarina users are on the planet on a 3D globe, and to hear what they’re playing.

Smule emphasized that unlike other virtual instruments for the iPhone, Ocarina does not come with premade riffs or songs, allowing users to create music -- for good or for ill -- just like with a real ocarina.

Which brings us to the video (below): The company made a video of a group of people playing the intro to "Stairway to Heaven," with the flute parts at the beginning being played by a squad of iPhone-blowing Ocarina players.

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Ocarina is priced at US$.99 through the App Store.

Thanks to iPhone Alley’s Michael Johnston for Tweeting the video, thereby alerting us.

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