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iPod touch: The Future of Handheld Devices

Some see the iPod touch as just an iPhone without the phone. Others see it as a taste of things to come: Truly portable tablet computers that deliver features only Apple can bring to the table.

Apple’s touch screen iPod is about to take a serious leap forward in capabilities come June when the App Store launches and third party developers can start offering their programs for the palm-size computer. It appears that Apple will be doing little to limit the applications developers can release, which means the iPod touch will be limited only by coder’s imaginations.

Even Apple refers to the super-slim touch screen iPod as a "mobile Wi-Fi platform," and not as a media player, making a clear distinction between the touch and its other iPod products.

Right now, the iPod touch offers a subset of the features found on its cousin the iPhone. It doesn’t include a cell phone, and Bluetooth is clearly missing, too. While Apple won’t add cell phone features to the touch, it may well roll in Bluetooth at some point, which could potentially open the door to a wide range of wireless peripherals like keyboards, mice, and stereo headsets.

BusinessWeek pointed out that one feature missing from the touch is an ebook reader like’s Kindle. The touch’s current display size is fine for Web surfing and email, but it might be a bit small for reading books, which means if Apple is considering ebook support, it might also be considering a larger screen version of the device -- which could be the birth of a true Apple table-like computer.

Ebook support could also lead to a new feature at the iTunes Store: Electronic versions of books, magazines, and other periodicals. "All that’s needed are willing content suppliers for the iTunes Store, which could become a central distribution point for all kinds of digital media´┐Ża record store, a video shop, a bookstore, and a newsstand all at once," BusinessWeek said.

As Wi-Fi networks expand to cover wider areas, some iPod touch users may find that the need for cell coverage will dwindle and they can rely on IP-based communication services like Skype. That certainly won’t be an option for anyone that travels outside of Wi-Fi saturated areas, or needs the always available wireless connections an iPhone offers, there is a subset of iPod touch users that could find the idea of cutting their cell phone tether very enticing.

Years ago, Palm looked like the company that could deliver the be-all handheld device for tech users. Thanks to an unfortunate series of mismanagement issues, however, the company lost its edge and market leader status. Apple’s clear vision and complete control over the touch and OS X could mean that its device can continue to grow where the Palm stalled.

As long as Apple maintains its focus, the already successful iPod touch has a very bright future ahead of it. Maybe some day touch fans will start calling the iPhone an iPod touch with a phone.

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