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In-Depth Review

Better Energy Systems’ Solio

The Solio is a solar-powered charger for the iPod and other digital devices like cell phones, PDAs, and Gameboys. Made by a small UK firm, Solio takes about 10 hours of good sunlight to charge an internal battery, which in turn can charge other battery-powered devices (like the iPod). The device is light and portable, and can also charge from an outlet, so it doubles as a spare iPod or cell phone battery.

There are some minor quibbles with the product. Solio has an ornery rubber port plug that doesn't stay properly in place. Also, it tries to communicate too much information with a single indicator light, creating occasional uncertainty as to whether your iPod or phone really is charging.

I found it takes some planning and forethought to keep Solio juiced while traveling, but if you expect to be in remote places, or if you're just eco-conscious, you'll find the Solio can be a tremendously useful device. Also, see my full review at The Mac Observer.

Just The Facts

Solio from Better Energy Systems

MSRP $99
Street Price: $99.88 - From Amazon.

Pros:Light, versatile solar charger for the iPod. Very useful in remote, sunny places.

Cons:Minor user-feedback issues, long time to charge Solio using the sun.

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