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In-Depth Review

EarJams Turn Apple Earphones into In-Ear Headphones

The earphones Apple includes with its iPods aren't bad, but they aren't exactly good, either. Griffin Technology's EarJams are a surprisingly ingenious way to change that, however, and they do so inexpensively.

The problem with Apple's earphones are twofold: Fidelity is low, and the darned things won't stay in your ears very well (good luck trying to get them to stay after you lose the foam covers Apple includes). EarJams address both issues by clipping onto the business end of your Apple earphones and converting them into in-ear headphones. The result is much greater low-end response, higher over-all sound quality, and a snug fit that will resist falling out of your ears!

EarJams will not magically turn your earphones into the equivalent of substantially more expensive in-ear headphones, but for US$14.99 ($7.12 - Amazon), you simply cannot get more audio bang for the buck. Better yet, that price includes a carrying case that holds both the EarJams and your earphones.

Just The Facts

EarJams from Griffin Technology

MSRP $14.99
Street Price: $7.12 - From

Pros:Provides a much greater audio response, especially at the low end, with Apple's earphones, while also offering a snugger fit.

Cons:Not intended for hardcore audiophiles.

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