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In-Depth Review

PivotDock USB Adapter for iPod shuffle

Plugged into a computer, Apple's iPod shuffle sticks out a good three inches, begging to be inadvertently bumped or, in a worst-case scenario, broken off. A simple USB extension cable can alleviate that risk, but I prefer the new PivotDock from SwitchEasy.

Billed as the smallest dock for your iPod shuffle, the PivotDock is a tiny L-shaped USB port adapter that can pivot 180-degrees. If having your iPod shuffle stick straight up from your laptop doesn't seem much better than having it stick straight out, just rotate it towards or away from you as you wish.

PivotDock by SwitchEasy

PivotDock's fit and finish is what impressed me the most. In a market that's saturated with cheaply made or assembled products, it is apparent just looking at the box that SwitchEasy took the extra steps to make the PivotDock buyer feel like they are purchasing a quality product. A hidden LED even notifies you when the PivotDock is receiving power and the whole package complements the iPod shuffle perfectly. The 90-day warranty is a bit light, however.

PivotDock in use with a PowerBook

PivotDock is only compatible with flush-mounted USB ports. That leaves the original iMac G3, Titanium PowerBooks, and some Power Mac G4 systems out of the running, as well as some third-party keyboards. It's also almost as wide as the iPod shuffle itself, meaning it won't help the problem of tightly space USB ports like on the iBook and 12-inch PowerBook as DLO's Flexible Dock US($19.99) does.

SwitchEasy is offering PivotDock for the early-bird special of $9.99 through September 9, 2005 when the first units will ship to customers. After that, the price goes up to $15.99.

Just The Facts

PivotDock from SwitchEasy

MSRP US$15.99
Street Price: US$9.99 - From SwitchEasy's Introductory Pricing.

Pros:Neatly tucks your iPod shuffle away, excellent design and construction

Cons:Requires flush-mounted USB ports

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