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In-Depth Review

Podwave Portable Speakers for iPod & iPod mini

When it comes to portable audio, there's a time and a place for earphones and a time and a place for less introverted listening experiences. MacAlly's pint-size PodWave seeks to be your any-time-any-place solution for bringing your iPod to more than just your own ears.

PodWave's goal is a good one, but budget and technological limitations ultimately trump practicality. PodWave isn't a Bose JewelCube speaker -- there's only so much music one can pump out of two speakers that measure less than an inch in diameter and are powered by a AA battery.

Sound quality is clear, but even cranked up all the way the volume is lacking when your iPod is more than an arm's length away from you. PodWave won't restart the party when the electricity goes out, but it may be adequate if you want to converse over a tune with a friend at Starbucks.


What your $39 gets you with PodWave is the most basic of a solution for a truly portable speaker arrangement. Other companies, like Altec Lansing, offer battery-powered set-ups that far outclass the PodWave in quality and power, but they're more expensive and don't fit in your pocket.

If your needs are such that the aforementioned Starbucks scenario sounds like your cup of Tazo tea, PodWave may be perfect. Otherwise I'd advise putting your money towards a headphone jack splitter and an extra pair of earphones.

Podwave with iPod

If you do plan on taking the PodWave path, take note of two things. First, the PodWave presses flush against the top of your iPod and looks great, but if your iPod's case wraps around the top you'll have to go case-less to use PodWave (or invest in a short audio extension cable). Also, the PodWave has a manual on/off switch and doesn't automatically turn itself off, so get into the habit of flipping that switch off when you're done or you'll go through batteries like popcorn (each AA is said to last up to eight hours).

Podwave with iPod mini

Just The Facts

Podwave from MacAlly

MSRP US$39.99
Street Price: US$31.99 - From

Pros:Looks good, clear sound, truly portable

Cons:Significantly lacking in power, no auto-off

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