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In-Depth Review

RadTech Bezel Blaster

Bezel Blaster from RadTech is a bezel and bright metal restoration kit you can use on your iPhone, iPods, Sony PSPs, as well as jewelry, watches, and other bright metals. This review will be very short... The product does exactly what it is supposed to do, does it quickly and easily, and the photos below prove it beyond a doubt.

Bezel Blaster consists of a 69x55mm 1500-grit refinishing pad and a 83x76mm Optex polishing cloth. You merely rub the refinishing pad on the bright metal bezel of your iPhone as shown here...

Bezel Blaster: How it Works

After just a couple of minutes most (if not all) abrasions, scratches, and/or spots are eliminated and the metal is restored to like-new condition. Give it a quick buff with the Optex polishing cloth and you'll be amazed at how great your iPhone or other device looks.

I have an iPhone 3G with a bezel that has many scratches and scuffs. So I tried using Bezel Blaster on one side and then shot the following unretouched pictures:






Bezels 2






As I'm sure you could tell, the restored side is on the bottom in all three pictures.

The only possible complaint you might have is that after refinishing, the bezel was slightly less shiny and had more of a satin finish than before. Personally, I like the satin look much better anyway, but if you prefer ultra-shiny metal and don't mind living with scratches and abrasions on your device, this product may not be for you. Other than that, if you've got scratched metal on your iPhone, iPod, or other device, Bezel Blaster is like magic.

The Bottom Line

Bezel Blaster does precisely what it is intended to do, does it quickly and easily with no messy liquids, and is quite reasonably priced. How can you not love that?

Just The Facts

Bezel Blaster from RadTech

MSRP US$7.95


Virtually eliminates scratches and abrasions on shiny metal, takes only minutes to completely restore an iPhone, very reasonably priced.


Refinished bezel slightly less shiny and/or more satiny.

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