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Vaja Posts iPhone nano Info Page

High end iPhone case maker Vaja added some credibility to the rumors that Apple is preparing to unveil the fabled iPhone nano now that it has a Web page visitors can use to sign up for more information about cases for the unreleased product.

The case maker isn't offering any details about its iPhone nano cases, nor is it saying when they will be available.

Vaja's iPhone nano information page.

Rumors have been circulating for some time that Apple has been working on a smaller version of its combination iPod and smartphone, but so far no word has come from the Cupertino-based company to confirm that the product is on the way.

Since Apple doesn't comment on rumors and unannounced products, we'll have to assume that Vaja and other iPhone case makers either already know about a pending iPhone nano product release, or they are hedging their bets and prepping for an announcement based on what the rumor mills are churning out.

[Thanks to Macrumors for the heads up.]

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jbruni said:

I seem to remember ATI getting nailed not too long ago for leaking project info early.


Videokonferenzen zur Miete said:

Great article, I’ve got a lot of information. High end iphone was a good news because I’m planning to buy one.


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