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Watchmen, TGRtv, Scam School and More

This week I am all over the map when it comes to podcasts, but after you see some of this stuff you'll see why I couldn't concentrate on a single theme like I usually do.

So let's just jump right on in.

One of the most anticipated movies for 2009 is Warner Brother's The Watchmen. For those who don't know, The Watchmen story is very detailed, but the gist is that there is an organization called The Watchmen over humanity, aiding whenever necessary. The problem is that there's no one watching The Watchmen.

The graphic novel was a cult hit and like Sin City before it, The Watchmen will likely be a huge hit simply because it could break new ground in story telling. Watch the trailers and you'll see why so many folks are excited about this movie. It just look gorgeous.

The problem with movies like this is that the hype machine surrounding them are set to automatic overdrive and the studios just pump out all kinds of stuff to whip up interest.

A good case and point is the behind the scenes podcasts for The Watchmen which gives us a tour of the elaborated sets and costumes created for the movie.

I will likely watch The Watchmen when it comes out, but looking through the behind the scenes podcasts are really cool. I knew a lot could go into creating sets, but it is just so coot to watch them construct building shells and make them look like Anyplace, U.S.A.

Looks more like
Tron than The Watchmen

Usually you'd have the wait until a flick comes out on DVD to see this stuff, and most folks never bother, but it really is fascinating.

Even if you think The Watchmen is a Swiss rock group you should grab at least one of the 8 episode of the Watchmen Video Journals. No kidding, this is really good stuff.

Speaking of good stuff, if you are a skier, a mountain side with 10 feet of fresh power is really, really good stuff.

I learned to ski during my 2 + years living in Vermont, an interesting state where eccentricity is the norm. I suppose I fit right in.

Be that as it may, moving fast, downhill, in snow is almost as much fun to watch as it is to do, but infinitely less prone to bone breakage. That's why those of you who don't ski may get a kick out of the Teton Gravity Research TV Extreme podcasts.

These podcasts simply show clips of hotshot skiers and snowboarders making runs down The Tetons. Definitely not stuff the average skier should attempt. I'm talking triple back-flips here. (Triple!!!) Madness!

Lots of white stuff, lots of big mountains, lots of scary tricks and breathtaking runs.

Helmet-cam sking in TGRtv Podcast

What's considered a hill here in Florida is no more the a speed bump further north, so snow and doing anything in it is a novelty to many here. Nonetheless, we have ski shops. Snow ski shops. Here. In Florida. So somebody knows what the Tetons are all about.

Regardless of your geographical location you should still check out the Teton Gravity Research TV Extreme podcasts. There's about 30 of them so you can watch and get pumped up for your next ski trip.

OK, fun can be had in places other then darkened theaters or in waist deep mountain snow. You can amaze friends and family at the corner bar, at home, or while waiting for public transportation if you will only learn a few slick tricks that will get people talking.

I'm not talking about tricks like the one where Uncle Harry pulls a quarter from behind your ear -- though it was kinda cool the first time i saw it -- I'm talking about really cool stuff that looks great when executed correctly.

Have i got your attention? Good, because paying attention is the name of the game in The Scam School podcasts.

Well, scam isn't quite right because host, Brian Brushwood, is good natured enough to show his victims the answers to the puzzles and tricks he plays on them.

Some of the puzzles are so simple (once you get the answer) that you want to smack yourself in the head for not thinking of it yourself. But then, isn't that what a good puzzle is all about?

There are over 20 episodes of cool tricks and puzzle to learn, so get cracking and become tricksey and false, like good old Uncle Harry, just a lot cooler.

Scam School, and all the other podcasts mentioned here can be found at the iTunes Store.

And that's another wrap!

By the way, iPhone and iPod Touch owners will want to grab a really great time waster, Tap Defense. The concept is simple; position a variety of weapon slinging towers along a winding road that leads from Hell to the Gates of heaven to prevent the Satanic hordes from reaching the Pearly Gates. It simple strategy with power ups and it is so easy to play, thus making it as addictive as cheese puffs.

Tap Defense

Best of all, the game is free. Tap Defense. Get it.

Note: More free stuff with direct links will return soon, as we continue to work on our new back end engine.


Vern Seward is a writer who currently lives in Orlando, FL. He’s been a Mac fan since Atari Computers folded, but has worked with computers of nearly every type for 20 years.

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