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  • Guero

    • 10 out of 10
    • Beck
    • Beck is the modern master of the groove, and Guero is merely the latest example of this. From the opening power chords of "E-Pro," to the Pac-Man cuteness of "Girl," to the dirge-like lullab

  • Never Let Me Down [ECD]

    • 4 out of 10
    • David Bowie
    • It must be a lonely place to be considered David Bowie's worst album by just about everyone, including the artist himself. As the last album before Bowie "rebooted" and formed the band Tin Machine, "N
  • Bowie at Beeb: Best of BBC Radio 68-72

    • 10 out of 10
    • David Bowie
    • The companion CD to a BBC television concert, BBC Radio Theatre has some of the best renditions of many of Bowie's best songs throughout his career. "I'm Afraid of Americans" is substantial

  • Abnormal Anonymous

    • 8 out of 10
    • Congo Norvell
    • Very few albums manage to capture snapshots of a quality of life in the manner that Congo Norvell's sophomore record, "Abnormals Anonymous," does.

      Comparisons to the Velvet Underground are

  • Spanks for the Memories

    • 8 out of 10
    • Asylum Street Spankers
    • The Asylum Street Spankers are...well...The Spankers. Hailing from Austin, where I saw them live dozens of times, the band played entirely acousti

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iTunes Music Review - Wolfmother

  • Wolfmother

    • 8 out of 5
    • Wolfmother
    • Reviewed by Bryan Chaffin
    • Buy this album from
    • Buy this album from iTunes Music Store
    • Black Sabbath, The White Stripes, The Stooges. There aren't many bands worth their salt that want to be compared to other bands, but when I listen to Wolfmother's self-titled American debut, I can't help but be reminded of those three other bands. Rather than sounding derivative, however, Wolfmother manages to evoke the spirit of those who came before them while also sounding fresh and interesting.

      A power trio in the tradition of heavy metal's earliest roots, Wolfmother has a sort of raw and urgent sound that bespeaks youth. That they can hearken back to bands that recorded their first albums long before Wolfmother's members were born is just a product of rock's unprecedented longevity in the history of popular music.

      The key to the band's sound is guitarist/songwriter/sing Andrew Stockdale. His vocals have often earned comparisons to Jack White ("Apple Tree," "Joker and the Thief") and early Ozzy Osborne ("Dimension," "Woman"), but it's his guitar that cuts through the noise that radio. Deceptively simple sounding riffs and chord progressions (usually mirrored by Chris Ross's bass lines) are coupled with guitar solos that actually seem to serve a purpose other than to break up the song.

      Wolfmother may feel like a loose band at first, but don't let that fool you. The songs on this album are tight, solid, and well-crafted. To be so well-made without feeling too polished or over-produced may be part of the band's reach back in time to an era when rock, especially what was then considered "hard rock," was new.

      Make no mistake about it, Wolfmother's influences are obvious, but they are still one of the most original new acts in rock and roll. Their music gets your head bobbing, your foot tapping, and your air guitar swinging.

      Favorite Songs: "Dimension," "Woman," "The Joker and the Thief," "Love Train," "Vagabond"

      Band Info:

      Andrew Stockdale: Vocals, Guitar
      Chris Ross: Bass, Keyboards
      Myles Heskett: Drums

      Album produced by Dave Sardy

      Wolfmother Home Page



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