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EOS Wireless Speaker System Review


The Eos Wireless iPod Speaker System includes a 2.1 stereo base station/transmitter, one wireless satellite 2.1 stereo speaker, an infrared remote control, a bunch of iPod dock adapters, and an auxiliary audio cable. 

Eos Wireless iPod Speaker System

Priced at just $249, the Eos Wireless iPod Speaker System sounds like it could be a poor-man's Sonos. Alas, while it sounds great the way it's described on the Eos Web page, in actuality it just doesn't live up to the hype. 

Let's look at the claims one at a time... The Web page headline reads: 


Your music everywhere -- without the wires. You plug and Eos plays... it's that simple. No wires, no mind bending setup! 

I'll give 'em that. The system was indeed easy to set up and it was no trouble to get music playing from both the base station and the wireless satellite speaker.


Digital Wireless Technology 
Broadcasts CD quality, interference-free digital audio up to 150' indoors and out...through walls, floors and ceilings.

This one not so much. The wireless technology is pretty good and worked well throughout my house with no interference. But the "CD quality" thing bothers me. I'm not certain an iPod is even capable of "CD quality" audio with its 8-bit output, but even if it is what I hear coming out of both the base station and remote satellite speaker doesn't sound like CD quality to me. And, for what it's worth, tinkering with the iPod's EQ and/or switching to another input source such as my Mac or another stereo system, didn't improve the output quality much (if at all). 

Don't get me wrong, the sound quality doesn't suck, particularly at low volume levels. But although stating that the system "broadcasts CD quality digital audio" may be technically correct, nothing I tried led me to believe it was even possible to hear CD quality audio coming out of either component.


2.1 Stereo Audio
Base Station & Wireless Speakers each include two full range drivers and a ported sub-woofer for crystal clear highs and deep sounding bass. 

Technically true... the speakers do include two drivers and a ported sub. The part about crystal clear highs and deep sounding bass is questionable. I (and everyone else I auditioned this system for) thought the sound was less than crystal clear, with clarity decreasing in direct proportion to volume level. More than one listener called it, "muddy." And, at higher listening levels the "deep sounding bass" caused very obvious and annoying distortion.


Dramatically improves the dynamic audio performance by expanding the size of the audio image and creating a deep, rich bass response.

Yeah. Right. See above. I'm not sure how much the SRS processing is responsible for the mud or distortion but since you can't turn it off, I have to question this claim as well. 

(For what it's worth, I typically like the sound of SRS processing and gave the SRS iWow iTunes plug-in a five star review here last year.)


From the press release: 
Sound quality from both the dock and satellite speakers is best in class. “Our acoustic design team took solid aim at leaders in the category,” said IntelliTouch Executive VP Jeff O’Shea. “As good as the sound quality is, what is truly phenomenal is Eos’ audio link. The Eos system broadcasts impeccable CD quality sound throughout the home -- without the expense and hassle of tearing up drywall and running wires all over. Forget everything you’ve ever experienced with wireless speaker systems of the past; Eos’ wireless technology has to be heard to be believed.” said O’Shea.

I'll agree that the wireless part of the system works very nicely even through multiple walls and 60 or 70 feet of house (which is as much as my house allows. But while the sound quality wasn't the worst I've heard, calling it "best in class" is a reach. 

Furthermore, the cheesy remote control doesn't do much and can only do it within a few feet of the base station, rendering it almost completely useless. Finally, the blue LED light in the antennas of both base and remote speakers are as bright as Times Square on New Years Eve. I suppose that could be a good thing but it meant I had remember to turn off the speaker in the bedroom every night.

To be fair, there are clear benefits to this system. First, it's easy to set up and the wireless connection is usually clear and trouble-free. Second, you can purchase up to 4 satellite speakers, making it possible to have your music available in 5 rooms. You just can't beat the cost -- Amazon sells the base station and one remote speaker for just $149 and additional wireless speakers for around $90. Finally, the satellite speakers are interestingly designed with a snap-in power supply that lets you hang the speaker from a wall outlet if you prefer. 

EOS remote speaker, back

The Bottom Line

I really dislike it when a product overpromises and underdelivers like this one. But while the price is right and the wireless technology works as promised, the sound quality of both the base station and satellite speakers isn't what the marketing materials describe, especially at higher listening levels. 


Just The Facts


Reasonable price, good wireless performance.



Mediocre audio quality, near-worthless remote control. 

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Moumita said:

Thanks for giving such an important information about wireless speaker system.


Shiva said:

Brilliant review! Learned a lot about the technology behind this speaker system. It is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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