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  • Now Here Is Nowhere

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    • The Secret Machines' inaugural album, Now Here is Nowhere is both old and new in its sonic assault. The trio's surprisingly big sound evokes Pink Floyd (without ever sounding like any Pink

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      Ostensibly a tie-in to her brot

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      Each song immediatel

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    • Take the voice of a young Billie Holiday and stuff it into a svelte, petite body with the face of an angel, and you have some idea of what it's like to experience the music of Billy Miles in her self-

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PDO Releases iPhone 3G Case, Cables & Charger for iPhone/iPod

PDO announced a new line of cases for iPhone 3G Friday, as well as auxiliary and RCA cables for iPod and iPhone, and a charging solution also for the iPhone and iPod.

First up is the TopSkin line of cases for iPhone 3G. These cases include a "play-through" clear cover that allows you to control your iPhone 3G through the case, keeping the screen protected. There are cutouts for the camera, microphone, switches and speakers, and the docking port is covered by a flap.

The cases come with a slim-profile belt clip, and are priced at US$19.99. They come in black, blue, pink, and white.

TopSkin for iPhone 3G from PDO

The company also announced two cables for entire line of iPhones and iPods. The High Performance Audio Auxiliary Cable comes with two 3.5mm connectors on either end for playing your iPod or iPhone through a car stereo with an auxiliary input jack, or through any other device or speaker solution with a 3.55mm input jack. The High Performance RCA Stereo Audio Cable has a 3.55mm jack on one end and stereo RCA connectors on the other end.

Both cables are six feet in length, are black, and have gold plated connectors. They are priced at $19.99 each.

Lastly, PDO announced a line of iPod and iPhone wall and car chargers called PowerUP. The PowerUP Wall Charger is a dual USB wall charger that allows you to charge any of your iPods or iPhones from a wall outlet, up to two at a time. The PowerUP Car Charger plugs into any standard cigarette lighter in a car, and allows you to charge your iPhone or iPod.

Both units are priced at $19.99.

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