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iPhone App Developer Gets Call from Apple Store, Sings Praise

While Apple has taken a lot of heat for snags in its App Store approval process, at least one iPhone developer is singing the praises of the App Store team, and all it took was a phone call. A developer blogging under the name Whisky Van Gogh Go said that the App Store team called him about a problem with his app, something he appreciated so much he had to tell the world.

"I got a call from Apple last weekend," he wrote. "A call from Apple on my freakin’ iPhone regarding my iPhone app." [Emphasis quoted from author.]

According to Whisky, Apple had a legit issue with the app, and were asking him to submit a new binary. "Thankfully they weren't blocking it for any silly reason," he wrote, "[...] So to counterbalance all of the negative press that the Apple App Store guys have been getting, I gotta be honest with my experience: they called me, they explained the issue, and personally requested that I get a new binary their way ASAP. First class."

Most press that has been generated from the App Store has tended towards the negative, as developers were frustrated by what sometimes seemed an arbitrary approval process, and difficulties in being able to communicate with anyone Apple when there were troubles.

Whisky's post about getting a phone call from the company is among the first such we've noticed, and as Daring Fireball's John Gruber noted, one can hope it marks a new trend.

The app in question is called Allergies, and is an app that allows you to get pollen and air pollution reports wherever you are. It has not yet been added to the App Store.

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