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AT&T Internal Document Looks at Pre vs. iPhone

While Palm's new Pre smartphone still doesn't have a release date, AT&T has compiled an internal document that gives their employees a rundown of the Pre vs. the iPhone, with an emphasis on the latter while diminishing the former. Palm Pre fan site PreCentral received a copy of the document and listed a few things that its readers "might take umbrage at."

From PreCentral:

  • The iPhone sports a  "Thinner, lighter, bigger screen, metal and glass design" while the Pre is "Available in Black only; plastic casing." 
  • The Pre gets knocked for not being a GSM world phone and "Limited free Wi-Fi access" because they don't get to use AT&T Hotpots.
  • The Pre has an "Unproven App Catalog app store."

The site notes that AT&T issued a similar document during the run-up to the BlackBerry Storm's release. "Don't take this lying down, Palm," exhorts Dieter Bohn, prompting over 150 comments from readers.

1 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

Pashtun Wally said:

The biggest obstacle for the Pre is not the iPhone:  it’s Palm’s fairly crappy legacy.

PalmOS has languished for what, 10 years?  The changes between OS5 and previous versions are primarily cosmetic, and and there have been no bug-fixes issued to improve either stand-alone performance or phone compatibility.

Based on my Centro & my partner’s Treo (and our previous Pilots & tungstens), Palm had better start getting some positive technical buzz happening, and soon. 

My daughter graduates from college in a few weeks, and she’ll be taking over her own phone service;  I’ll need some VERY good reasons to stay w/ *Verizon*, - much less my Centro


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