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SciFi Channel Releases a Frakking iPhone Cylon Detector

Cylon Detector

The SciFi Channel through its parent company NBC Universal has released an app called Cylon Detector for iPhone and iPod touch. The promotional app will take a picture of someone and then run a "scan" to see whether or not they are a Cylon. For those living under a rock for the last few years, Cylons are a race of robots that can look human from the hit show Battlestar Galactica.

Users can either take a picture through the Cylon detector or use a photo already stored on the iPhone/iPod touch. You then position and size the face until it matches on-screen guides, and the app will take the face and put it "in a classic Battlestar Galactica scene," along with the verdict on whether or not your subject is human or Cylon.

The results can be saved, downloaded to your computer, and/or sent to a friend.

All the fun and giddy fanboy stuff aside, NBC Universal decided, for some reason, to charge for an application that is naught more than a delightful and fun promotional vehicle for one of their hot properties. That's right, it will cost you US$1.99 -- you can find it on iTunes at the App Store.

Cylon Detector screen shot
Screen shot from Cylon Detector

2 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

Tiger said:

Can’t blame them for TRYING to make a buck. (but two?)

Still, I’m not gonna rush out and buy that app. I already know which of my friends are Cylons (and which are Vorlons).


iVoid said:

Well, we’re actually all Cylons on Earth. smile


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