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Throw Your iPhone In the Air, Measure It with HangTime

Now that you have your new iPhone 3G S, you probably can't wait to throw it in the air, and now there's an app from Marigo Holdings, LLC that help you measure the hang time of that throw. Called HangTime, this app will measure yours using data from the iPhone's built-in accelerometer.

Some fun fact's from the company's Scores page: A total of 13 iPhones have been tossed and measured with HangTime, which was just approved today, the same day the iPhone 3G S was released. These iPhones have been thrown 1,504 times for a cumulative hang time of 492.01 seconds.

Cumulative Scores data as of this writing.
Cumulative Scores data as of this writing.

The longest hang time recorded is 3.72 seconds by one Dave Hufnagel, more than 50% longer than #2 Einar G. Ristroph's 2.25 seconds.

Another fun fact, or at least an interesting fact, is that it took eight months for the app to be approved, even though a tester at Apple tested the app back in October of 2008. The company said in a statement that it had given up and moved on to new iPhone-related projects some time ago after receiving several notices that HangTime was "requiring unexpected additional time for review."

The developers wrote, "Additional time? 3-4 weeks is additional time. 8 months of waiting is AppStore hell."

Be that as it may, the app is live now on the App Store for US$.99.

For the record, neither The Mac Observer nor, neither its staff nor TMO Inc.'s corporate officers -- nor even our very own mothers -- recommend you actually throw your iPhone up in the air.

We do, however, encourage you to marvel and delight at those who do through HangTime's Scores feature.

In its announcement, the developers said that the phone that set the #2 record hang time later broke when a friend, "stupidly tried beating the record by throwing my phone high over a swimming pool in a water-proof pack. Turns out he didn't account for the surface tension of water. I am now on my second iPhone."

6 comments from the community.

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Khaled said:

very useful if it was a background process wink


geoduck said:

First reaction
Holy c*** is someone actually dumb enough to try this?

Second Reaction
Could you break the record by skydiving with an iPhone in your pocket?


Peter Jeffries said:

This is insanely awesome!!


Intruder said:

Wanna break your phone/ Now there’s an app for that.


lrd said:

If you don’t want to go skydiving, you can throw it up when on a trampoline. In that way if it were to fall it wouldn’t be damaged- make sure you have net!


geoduck said:

“If you don’t want to go skydiving, you can throw it up when on a trampoline. In that way if it were to fall it wouldn’t be damaged- make sure you have net!”

Skydiving, Trampoline, either way I think I’m the one most likely to throw up.  groucho


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