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In-Depth Review

Naked Case (for iPhone 3G)

I've seen a lot of iPhone cases and I rarely find a case I consider unique, so believe me when I tell you that the Case-Mate Naked Case for iPhone 3G is unique. Its name is quite apt -- it does look like your iPhone is naked, though it's actually encased almost completely in clear material as shown here:

It really is almost invisible as you can see in this close-up:

I've seen several clear iPhone cases. What makes this case so different is that the front is panel is a clear electrostatic membrane that provides full touch-through access. At the same time it protects the screen of your iPhone better than almost any other case I've tested. It's cool stuff -- I swear I can hardly tell there's a membrane between my finger and the screen.

The back of the case is made of thick clear acrylic material that seems to resist scratches better than some of the other clear cases I've tried. And while some two-piece cases come apart all too easily in your pocket (or backpack or purse), this one has a sturdy clasp on the back and has never opened accidentally.

My wife has been using a Naked Case for several months and while she could have her pick of cases she loves this one. She says no other case could possibly protect her iPhone as completely, especially when she drops it into her purse or the center console of her SUV.

So as you can probably tell, my wife and I both think the Naked Case is a heck of a product. But (and there's always a "but" when I'm doing the review), there are a couple of things about it that don't thrill me...

First, while the thick acrylic back does offer superb protection, it is so thick that my big fingers have trouble with the Sleep/Wake button, Ring/Silent switch, and volume buttons.

My biggest complaint, however, is that the Naked Case attracts dust and pocket debris, which is then quite visible (and annoying) on the front of the case as shown here:


There is also a Naked Case for the 2nd generation iPod touch at the same price.

One last thing: To view a pretty good demonstration video of the Naked Case in action, click here.

The Bottom Line

I like this case a lot. My wife also likes it a lot. We both think it provides as much protection as any other case we've seen and we've seen a lot. In fact, it may offer more protection than any other case. Furthermore, it lets you (and others) appreciate the natural beauty of your iPhone.

If either of those things appeals to you, the Naked Case is just what the doctor ordered.

Just The Facts

Pros:Excellent protection, touch-through membrane works great, lets iPhone's natural beauty shine through.

Cons:Attracts dust, thick acrylic back unfriendly to big-fingered users (like me).

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