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In-Depth Review

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes

Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes doesn't offer up anything you haven't encountered before in a World War II first-person shooter, if you've played Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and similar series on the computer. Normandy, the Ardennes Forest, and Tunisia have all been depicted before, so here they are again. However, you won't get to experience dropping behind enemy lines the night before D Day, despite the fact that your character is a member of the 101st Airborne.

The storyline is uninspired, and you won't be surprised by any of the tasks you're given, which include the usual flanking the enemy, manning machine guns to take out troops, eliminating snipers, and more. Along the way, you get to wield a variety of weapons, throw grenades, and drive a 4x4 vehicle and a Sherman tank.

Firing a bazooka at a German tank

It's all standard issue for a World War II game, although this one arrived with much fanfare simply because of the dearth of first-person shooters on the iPhone. The control scheme, however, reveals why this genre may not take off on this platform: You can choose among three ways of moving your character and firing your weapon, but none of them are ideal. Too often I found myself slowly trying to get my aim into the right spot while enemy soldiers fired on my position with abandon. On a computer, of course, all I would have to do is whip my mouse around to get a lock on my target.

With some practice, you'll get used to whichever control scheme suits you best, but you won't get to urge to abandon first-person shooters on your computer. I should note that you may never get the hang of throwing grenades, which involves tilting the iPhone to aim your toss. I found it to be a maddening exercise.

On the plus side, the graphics are at the high end of what's expected from iPhone games these days, while the sound effects definitely get your adrenaline going. There are 13 levels in total, which is a good amount of content for the current US$5.99 purchase price. (It was ten bucks when it first came out.) It won't take long to finish all the missions, however, and since there's no multiplayer component, the replay value here is next to nothing, unless you want to try again at a tougher difficulty setting.

Just The Facts


Solid graphics and audio

Good amount of gameplay for the price


Frustrating controls that take a while to get used to

The 13 missions don't take long to complete, and there's no multiplayer function

3 comments from the community.

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rpaege said:

You’d think that Americans fought WWII entirely alone if you only went by most (not all thankfully) video games of this type.  It’s getting old.


Mike Richardson said:

I enjoyed the user presentation of this game, but did not like the control scheme.  It was too hard to aim at your opponents.  I’m a huge fan of Brothers in Arms, but I’m not going to buy another FPS on my iPhone until a better control scheme is possible.

Mike R.
Immigration lawyer


Ronald - www.massachusettspersonalinjurylawyer said:

This is really a very informative as well as innovative posting. I like the way u have written this post. Thanks for the information.


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