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Apple Offers Apology for Baby Shaker App

Apple has offered an apology for allowing the controversial iPhone app "Baby Shaker" to be approved for the App Store. The company issued a statement Thursday calling the approval a mistake, and apologizing for it.

"This application was deeply offensive and should not have been approved for distribution on the App Store," the company's statement said. "When we learned of this mistake, the app was removed immediately. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and thank our customers for bringing this to our attention."

Baby Shaker immediately drew the ire of parents and children protection groups like the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation upon its release. The game, developed and released by Sikalosoft, offers drawing of a baby and the sounds of a baby crying. To make the crying stop, users shake their iPhone until two red x marks appear over the baby's eyes.

Apple pulled the app earlier Thursday, and released the statement above apologizing later in the day.

7 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

furbies said:

So I guess that means we’ll not get a South Park inspired “Kick The Baby” game ?


Bosco (Brad Hutchings) said:

Public Relations Maxim #1: Never waist an opportunity to show how much you care. A shame the iPhone doesn’t have a microscope accessory so they could use it to find their collective manhood.


davebarnes said:

To quote Shepard Smith.

?We are America! I don’t give a rats ass if it helps! We do not fucking torture!?



Chaz said:

Apple, absolutely correct move. 

Sorry, I can’t see any humor here.  Americans in particular, have lost their basic sense of decency.  Man, read the boards about trashing the auto companies and unions!  Not a union man by any means, and I appreciate they need to get their act together and get competitive contracts in place, but this is going to be painful, and to see the number of people calling for these companies to fail and have people thrown out of work, it just reeks of petty jealousy and screwing over you neighbors.  Are these people so stupid to think such a seismic event will not impact their standard of living and imperil their jobs as well?????

Care for your fellow American, you may be counting on him someday yourself.


Terrin said:

I am sorry, but Americans have become way to sensitive to the most silly things. Apple sells games that allow kids to shoot just about every living thing on the planet. Everybody knows these things are games. The baby application is a game as well. I think it is funny. I wouldn’t buy it, but I’d download it for free. The though police shouldn’t dictate what I find humorous.

Apple on the other hand has the right to restrict what it sells. This, however, is a argument why Apple shouldn’t be the only means by which to load applications on to the products it sells. Jailbreaking should be unquestionably legal. This is a great argument for why. I bought the device and if I want to load something offensive to the whole world I should be allowed to do so.

I am not sure why Unions and Auto companies are relevant to this post. However, the number one reason auto companies are failing has little to do with either management or the unions, although both arguably have made huge mistakes.  If US companies are not only allowed to ship manufacturing overseas (but encouraged to do so in terms of tax breaks) to countries that do not have fair labor practices, no free worker on the planet can compete with slave labor. That means workers living in democratic countries will be unemployed. Unemployed people cannot buy products.


James said:

It’s Apple’s product and they have the right to limit the service and operate their business however they choose. If you want to use unauthorized apps, you can jail break your phone anytime you want, no one is going to stop you. Personally, whether it’s offensive or not isn’t an issue for me; the fact that it’s just a totally useless novelty app that would be taking up space on my phone is.


Steve said:

What James said.  If you buy an iPhone you have to live with Apple making the decisions about how you will use it.  They know better than you do about what games should or shouldn’t be allowed on your iPhone.


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