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Pre Drives Man to iPhone Destruction

Palm's Pre smartphone hit store shelves on June 6, and in at least one instance it really was an "iPhone killer," with a little help from a hammer.

It's hammer time.

One vengeful soul shared his iPhone destruction photos with PreThinking. Apparently after purchasing a Palm Pre, he gave his first generation iPhone what-for with a hammer.

Assuming Apple introduces updated iPhone models on June 8 at its World Wide Developer Conference, we're expecting to see hammer-shot destruction photos of his new Palm Pre soon.

[Image courtesy of PreThinking.]

4 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

jimothy said:

And people make fun of Apple fanboys.


FlipFriddle said:

Jerk. He could have sent it to me. I would have paid for shipping. People with more money than sense….


Tiger said:

From the looks, it was a 1st Gen iPhone. Is it even a valid comparison? Time will tell. He can Pre about it.


Lee Dronick said:

“From the looks, it was a 1st Gen iPhone. Is it even a valid comparison? Time will tell. He can Pre about it.”

The linked article says that it is indeed a 1st Generation iPhone. Read some of the comments there, about 1/2 are saying it is a PhotoShop, and the other half are saying it is a Palm PR stunt.

I hope today that I can get a chance to try a Pre at one of the local Sprint Stores. I particularly want to see if the keyboard lives up to the hype.

And of course the whole multitasking thing because nothing sucks like having to quit MoodTouch to see if someone is trying to call in. /snark


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