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Time Crisis Strike Arcade Game Arrives on iPhone

Namco Networks has released a version of its duck-and-shoot arcade game Time Crisis Strike for iPhone and iPod touch. Players tilt their device to duck, take cover, and reload between taking shots at Wild Dog's army by tapping the screen.

As players complete stages and move closer to their final showdown with Wild Dog, they unlock Crisis Missions that require top sharpshooting skills. Time Crisis Strike sells for US$5.99 and requires iPhone 2.2 software.

5 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

jimothy said:

I haven’t played this yet, but it seems like they could have used the accelerometer so that you actually duck (i.e., bend your knees) to duck in the game. At least as an option, because that wouldn’t lend itself to playing on the subway, for instance. At least not without looking like a jerk.


D00d said:

The article says that it uses the accelerometer for ducking.


jimothy said:

D00d: The article says, “Players tilt their device to duck.” I mean, players should be able to actually duck by bending their knees and lowering their torso. The game could detect this not by a change in orientation of the device, but by a change in height, which the game would detect as a negative vertical acceleration. If you’ve ever played Time Crisis at an arcade, this is how you duck in the game. The technology to detect body movement is different, but the player’s behavior could be the same.


Nookster said:

Eh? That must’ve been some elite Arcade Cabinet, I’ve always used the duck pedal.


jimothy said:

Nookster: You’re right, I was thinking of a different game, Police 24/7 from Konami. Regardless, I still think it’d be fun if you could duck like in the iPhone version. Dodge, duck, dive, and dodge!


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