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Release Date: September 29, 2009
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Release Date: September 20, 2009
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  • Hello

    • 8 out of 10
    • Poe
    • Poe rocked my world with "Angry Johnny" (I want to kill you/I want to blow you/Away) and "Trigger Happy Jack" (Trigger Happy Jack/ You're gonna blow/But I'm gonna get off/Before you go), as powe

  • Modern Lovers

    • 10 out of 10
    • Modern Lovers
    • This timeless masterpiece is little known, but it has inspired almost as many bands as The Modern Lovers' own inspiration -- and only slightly better known -- The Velvet Underground & Nico.

  • Go Away White

    • 10 out of 10
    • Bauhaus
    • Go Away White is an album I've been waiting more than 20 years to hear, and the good news is that it was worth the wait.  The latest -- and last, no...for real this time -- album from

  • Zooropa

    • 10 out of 10
    • U2
    • This record is perhaps U2's finest hour, yet it has been forgotten as a strange by-product of the ZooTV tour's overload, and is generally regarded by most fans as a poor effort. It is this sentiment t
  • Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

    • 8 out of 10
    • Arctic Monkeys
    • Get on your dancing shoes
      You sexy little swine


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iTunes Music Review - The Life Pursuit

  • The Life Pursuit

    • 8 out of 5
    • Belle & Sebastian
    • Reviewed by Robyn Weisman
    • Buy this album from
    • Buy this album from iTunes Music Store
    • The Life Pursuit is a sort of Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. You get Belle & Sebastian's peanut butter (its wistful, often irresistible pop) dipped in a 'Have A Nice Day!' and glam 70s chocolate. Although I'm guessing that most Belle & Sebastian fans might not say it's the band's best record, it is certainly its most irrepressible and to my mind, its most fun.

      T. Rex's recent ascendancy is evident here, particularly in "White Collar Boy" and "The Blues Are Still Blue," the latter of which incorporates a cowbell in the chorus (and who doesn't enjoy a well-placed cowbell?). Songs like "Sukie in the Graveyard" sound like they could have been sung by the Partridge Family, although its lyrics (Sample: "She had a slut slave and his name was Dave/She said 'Be my photo bitch and I'll make you rich'") probably wouldn't have made it past the TV censors, methinks.

      "Another Sunny Day" and "Dress Up In You" have a more traditional Belle & Sebastian sound to them, although the former also sounds like early REM with its jangly guitar and a beat reminiscent of "Radio Free Europe" - which, of course, is not a 70s song, but I can't imagine anyone complaining about it.

      Perhaps the best song on The Life Pursuit is "Mornington Crescent," a Stonesy-sounding meditation (complete with Sticky Fingers country guitar and blues piano) with lyrics that would have fit in well on The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society. This is a fitting end because like Ray Davies, Stuart Murdoch is a gifted observer, not only of the world around him but of the wealth of musical styles that fall under the umbrella of pop music. Perhaps, that's why this album can incorporate so many styles without sounding derivative.

      Favorite Songs: "Mornington Crescent," "White Collar Boy," "The Blues Are Still Blue," "Song For Sunshine"



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