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Analysts: Microsoft to Release Smartphone; Microsoft: Nuh-uh!

Microsoft Smart Phone?Microsoft is working on its own smart phone, according to "multiple sources" cited by Rob Sanderson and Mark McKechnie of Broadpoint AmTech, but Microsoft is explicitly denying that, according to the Wall Street Journal. Microsoft has long been rumored to be working on a Microsoft branded device to compete with Apple's iPhone, and now Google's Android platform, but the company has so far been very specific about denying such is the case.

WSJ reporter Nick Wingfield pointed out that such direct denials are somewhat unusual, in that company spokespersons could simply take the Apple route of declining to comment. Mr. Wingfield also noted that more than one Microsoft executive has gone on the record of denying such an effort is in the works.

What's at issue is that Microsoft's proven business model has been to develop solutions that it then licenses to any and all third parties, a strategy that worked well with Windows, and seemed to be doing well with Windows Mobile.

Then Apple's proprietary iPod came along and kicked all of Microsoft's digital media devices to the dirt, which caused Microsoft to break form and develop a proprietary music player called the Zune. You've probably heard of the Zune, though it's doubtful you've seen one, as it hasn't fared so well in the market, either.

With Windows Mobile fading into the background against RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone -- even the Palm Treo has more buzz than Windows Mobile devices -- speculating on Big Redmond releasing a Microsoft-branded phone has been a high sport amongs analysts and pundits, even with Microsoft consistently denying it.

5 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

pfuey said:

An iPhone killer!!  LOL!!!!


JC said:

Gee, I hope it’s brown!!


deasys said:

Love the illustration.  smile)


Bryan Chaffin said:

Jeff Gamet whipped up the graphic for the story, deasys. Thanks for noticing. smile



Tiger said:

If it’s powered by Vista, can we really call it a SmartPhone?


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