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Palm Fights Back, Re-enables Pre iTunes Syncing

Apple killed the Palm Pre's ability to synchronize music with iTunes, so Palm kicked back on Thursday by releasing a webOS update for the smartphone that re-enables the feature.

Palm touted iTunes sync support as a Pre feature when the smartphone launched. Apple, however, has worked to keep its iTunes/iPod ecosystem closed and shortly after the Pre hit store shelves released iTunes 8.2.1 with an updated system for verifying that connected devices are iPods or iPhones.

Palm isn't saying how it managed to work around the built-in system iTunes uses to verify it is talking to an iPod or iPhone, but it seems likely that the Pre is somehow identifying itself to iTunes as an Apple device.

Whether or not Apple releases yet another iTunes update that breaks Pre syncing remains to be seen, but for now it seems clear that Palm intends to keep its link with iTunes working.

2 comments from the community.

You can post your own below.

DanielDecker said:

This is foolishness. Apple will just break it again. Why doesn’t Palm do the right thing and sync with iTunes on the up and up? It’s not hard to do. Third party decvices are allowed to sync iTunes media, just not by spoofing an Apple device. Rubinstein and Co. are being jackasses.


Tiger said:

So, Palm fakes being an Apple product again instead of being its own device.

Amazing what lengths the company will go to to piggyback off of somebody else’s success. Have they even sold 1 million Pre yet?

Somebody needs to Pray for the Pre.


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